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The Danyiri were happily living on a distant planet when they spotted something strange happening on Earth. The pets were being abducted by those nasty Squiggles. They have made it their mission to stop this but they need the help of the Earthlings. Will you help them?

Danyiri Rescue is a puzzle / strategy hybrid game with unique game play.

You are able to see the full route that the Squiggles are using to abduct the pets. Your task is to place the Danyiri on the right spot of this route so that they can intercept the boxed pets.

  • Full instructions and a tutorial included.
  • Includes the story (can be skipped but is short & fun).
  • Game starts off easy with only 1 Danyiri and becomes very challenging as more routes, Danyiri and Squiggles are added.
  • See an image of the pet you rescued at the end of every level.
  • As the game progresses you get devices to help you intercept the pets like portals, pause, speed-up and slow-down.
  • Expect to spend a lot of time per level in the later levels figuring out where to place everything.
  • There's help, but it's a secret. If you can find it...
  • Two modes - casual & expert mode and you can switch between them at any stage and as often as you like.
    • In casual mode the boxed-pets will keep circling on their routes until they're intercepted.
    • In expert mode you have to intercept them before they stop circling - large numbers indicate your target. Warning: Expert mode can be very tricky!
  • Collect 3 treats for gold (optional). You only have to intercept all the pets to pass the level, but that's not fun - you know you want gold!
  • You can skip a level and play it later.

There is no time limit - take as long as you want to decide where to place the Danyiri - try a few things, have a look at the board and use that restart button. Nothing starts moving or counting down until you click START.

  • Expect to spend many hours mastering this game at the expert level. (But it saves your progress and you can come back to it!)

Danyiri Rescue - Casual Game from Evolutionary Games on Vimeo.

System Requirements:

At least: 1.80GHZ 2 Gig Ram

This game was tested to work on Windows 10.

This game probably will work on Windows 7 but was not tested on it.

This game will not work on Windows XP and most likely won't work on Windows Vista either.

More information

Published190 days ago
AuthorEvolutionary Games
TagsCasual, casual-game, fun-game, puzzle-game, strategy-game, unique, unique-game
Average durationA few hours
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
Player countSingleplayer


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